Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boppys all around

When I was pregnant I bought a Boppy pillow to aid with breastfeeding. At the time I didn't really know that it was handy for propping the baby up or for using it for tummy time.
I used that pillow all the time when Lily was first born for nursing, it was so helpful. I was very tired (surprising I know) and she was very small. The pillow was very helpful in propping her up. I also found it extremely helpful for naps. Lily preferred to be held from the moment she was born, she never wants to be put down. Who can blame her? I smell good and love her to bits. I found that when she was completely asleep I could put the Boppy in my glider with the opening facing inside the chair. She would sleep there (sometimes) for an hour or more. This probably isn't advised by the wonderful Boppy poeple. But I was always right there so there was no fear of her getting hurt.

We have since bought a Boppy swing and she will nap in it sometime too. Is compact and plays a nice little tune.

Our Lincoln Log is giving away a Boppy pillow and a organic slip cover go check her out and enter to win.
She's also giving away 3 FuzzyBunz cloth diapers.


  1. Awesome, thanks for writing up a review and adding the giveaway link! Your little Lily is precious!!

  2. I used my boppy forever w/ my kiddo, best invention ever.


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